Innovative natural raw material
that has unique properties
What is extvolat?
Our material is a pure plant extract. Extvolat is a monoproduct consisting of natural biologically active microelements only of natural organic origin, which makes it a perfect basis and/or additive for a final product. Extvolat is an innovative raw material, intended to replace water in the production of cosmetics. This is the new basis for the production of high-quality cosmetics.

Extvolat completely differs from the existing raw materials that are used in manufacturing of essential oils and hydrolates cause in production process we use the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees and the process itself excludes use of water. That is why we save the majority of microelements and the valuable substances of a particular plant.

Extvolat is the derivative from words "extract" + "volatile substances".

Conventional methods
Hydrolate is produced using either vaporizing method, i.e. exposing vegetable raw material to hot aqueous vapor, or hydro-distillation method, which means boiling vegetable raw material in an aqueous solution.

These conventional methods are used at high temperatures, which destruct some useful biologically active elements extracted from vegetable raw material. Moreover, hydrolate production process requires an additional ingredient, water, which content, properties and treatment degree affect the quality of finished product.
Innovative method
We produce out liquid extractable material and biologically active substances of natural organic origin using unique equipment that embodies an innovative method of exposing raw material to low-temperature (min 30оС) airflows. Resulting material can be successfully use for manufacturing cosmetics and pharmaceutical.

Advantages of the technology

Low Temperature
Extracting biologically active substances and microelements of solely natural organic origin with minimum losses.
No water Technology
Water is no longer required during the production and has no effect on the quality of extracted material.
Starting materials
We produce extvolat from trees and shrubs (pine, larch, fir, cedar), medicinal plants and herbs, vegetables, fruits, from the roots of plants and their fruits and grains.
Extvolat has safety certificates and necessary permits.
Best Price
Innovative organic product at the usual price!
Mainly we use mobile equipment units for the organization of extraction of extvolat in the natural conditions of growth.
Cosmetic medicine
Extvolat is the basis for the production of cosmetics: shampoos, gels, balsams, creams and tonics for face and body, and other products.
Extvolat of some plants are a valuable raw material for the manufacture of medicines.
Food Products
In the food industry Extvolat is the basis for the production of functional drinks, baby food and products for sports and healthy lifestyles.
Laboratory and Clinical Tests
There have been numerous laboratory and clinical tests using our raw materials (extvolat from pine) carried out by various state scientific research institutes in Russia and certified laboratory institutions for several years, which confirmed high performance and absolute safety of extvolat, as well as its positive effect on human health.
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